Publications and Papers Relevant to Beyond Talk and The Application of Conversation Analysis to Second Language Teaching and Learning   Leave a comment

Relevant Publications

1997. (reprinted and re-edited 2000) Teaching conversation and sociocultural norms with conversation analysis. In A. J. Liddicoat and C. Crozet (eds.) Teaching Language, Teaching Culture, Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, series S, 14: 71-88.

1998. Teaching Conversation. In R. Wajnryb (ed.) Proceedings of the 10th Annual Education Conference, ELICOS Association Ltd. Paper presented at the 10th ELICOS Education Conference, Brisbane, Australia, September 26 1997.

1999. Teaching conversation for intercultural competence. In J. lo Bianco, A. J. Liddicoat and C. Crozet (eds.) Striving for the Third Place: Intercultural competence through language education. Melbourne: Language Australia – The National Languages and Literacy Institute of Australia.

2003a. How can we make it meaningful to ESL learners? In J. Lo Bianco and C. Crozet (eds.) Teaching Invisible Culture: Classroom Practice and Theory (pp101-118). Melbourne: Language Australia.

2003b. Past troubles-talk in nonnative-native interviews. Journal of Pragmatics, 35/4: 615-629.

2011.  Using conversation analysis in the second language classroom to teach interactional competence.  Language Teaching Research Journal. Published online 26 August 2011:

1997. with C.R. Pritchard. Beyond Talk: A course in communication and conversation for intermediate adult learners of English. Melbourne: Western Melbourne Institute of TAFE.

Relevant Conference Papers

Teaching conversation and sociocultural norms with conversation analysis. Paper presented at the ACTA-ATESOL National Conference and the 7th TESOL in Teacher Education Conference, Darwin, Australia, 2 July, 1996.

A new approach to teaching conversation: An exploration of two theories, their application and results. Paper presented at the 22nd Annual Conference of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA), Toowoomba, Australia, 2  October 1997.

Teaching conversation workshop. Workshop conducted at the 10th ELICOS Association Educational Conference, Brisbane, Australia, 26 September 1997.

Nonnativeness: Multiple Memberships and Inferences. Paper presented as part of a panel “From Communicative Competence to Membership Categorisation” organised by Johannes Wagner at the 7th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA). Budapest, Hungary, 10 July 2000.

Tracking Interactional Development in an Advanced Second Language Learner of English. Paper presented at the 11th International Pragmatics Association ( IPrA) Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 15 July 2009.


To access any of these publications go to the following website:


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