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Beyond Talk can help you to improve your social skills even if English is your mother tongue because the focus of the methodology is on interactional competence.

If you are interested in giving it a go, go to the page Information on Beyond Talk, scroll down the page to download both books so you can do the exercises based on the video, and check your answers in the student’s book. Then send me an email to access the video and the audio files:


Do you feel left out in social encounters,  unsure about how people express their emotions, not knowing what the next step is?

People use voice (intonation) to not only convey meaning but also to indicate their emotion to some degree. Facial expression is also important and it is usually combined with intonation. Beyond Talk can help you with those aspects of interaction, as well as gaze. That’s why we use a video together with the book.

Beyond Talk can be used as a self-learning tool to understand social interaction. It won’t provide all the answers but it can be a starting point. I can also coach you through this via email.

Beyond Talk uses multimedia so you can see, experience what social interaction is about

Let me know what you think

It’s all about creating a bond, linking with others

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Posted 09/10/2014 by ESLandCAteaching

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