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Beyond Talk – Teacher’s Book:

Beyond Talk – Student’s Book:



Beyond Talk is a multimedia course aiming to develop second language (L2) interactional competence for intermediate and upper intermediate adult learners of English. It has become even more relevant today than when it was first published in 1997 as there is now wider acceptance of the importance of  teaching interactional competence and the use of Conversation Analysis (CA) in teaching and learning an additional language  (see Huth & Taleghani-Nikazm, 2006; Kasper, 2006; He, 2004).

When Beyond Talk was first published in 1997 it was at the cutting edge and still is many years on as there is nothing comparable on the market today (view the page on “Comments” from renowned academics, practitioners and others).  Over the years since its publication, through advertising it on a couple of academic lists and being cited in research articles and projects I have had  so many requests for it  from all over the world that I have decided to make it readily available because it has been out of print shortly after its publication. Beyond Talk has been endorsed and recommended to be re-published by the eminent Professor E. A. Schegloff (UCLA), co-founder of Conversation Analysis (see the page on Comments).

Today there is a plethora of articles screaming for the teaching of L2  interactional competence, but in practice how does one go about it without in-depth training in CA? From theory to practice this what Beyond Talk achieves. Indeed, Beyond Talk unveils for teachers what this interactional competence is all about in a practical way through activities, where the key concepts are explained in plain English. It is based on filmed spoken interactions that include unscripted conversations as well as naturally occurring conversations so it reflects the real world and uses authentic language and activities, which are based on the analysis of these interactions.

Key concepts are revised and expanded throughout the course so students can gain a better understanding. Technical terms and transcription conventions have been simplified when possible to make those accessible to a lay audience.  This course book reveals how conversation works, its structure and orderliness, and how people use language and politeness to interact. It helps students to explore the reasons for cross-cultural variations as students are required to examine their first language to compare it and contrast it with English and other students’ languages so it helps develop intercultural competence.  Further it provides many opportunities for students to use language with a variety of interlocutors, in various situations and for different purposes.

Beyond Talk is student-centred as many activities are designed to be used in pairs, and small groups and to employ language in a meaningful way so they can communicate confidently with speakers outside the class  (see students’ comments on the page My profile and Student’s Comments). In Beyond Talk some grammatical features are explained in context when relevant to interactional competence as the course book mainly focuses on spoken grammar and interactional competence with an intercultural communication perspective. Through this methodology the students can explore their identity (or identities) and make a conscious choice of adopting or not the sociocultural norms explored. The aim is essentially to expose them to these norms so they can  reflect on them to gain a deeper understanding and fathom issues of interculturality with an open mind. English has become a global language so interacting in English will more often than not involve people from a variety of linguistic backgrounds, thus it is important to be able to negotiate meaning within a cross-cultural framework.

Teachers can select what activities they want to use to suit their particular classroom context. This methodology is about providing a new way of looking at language from both an interactional and intercultural perspectives.



In presenting real life language through the use of filmed interactions, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the mechanisms of spoken interactions in different contexts and with various interactants
  2. Be aware of the cultural aspect of their first language (L1) and English (L2) and the different politeness systems as well as similarities
  3. Be able to reproduce a more native like spoken English and engage in meaningful social interactions outside class
  4. Be able to interact successfully in English with both native and non native speakers thus developing intercultural competence
  5. Become more aware of the importance of body language in interaction (use of gaze, head movements, facial expressions, gestures, postures)
  6. Understand the pragmatic meaning of prosodic features such as intonation and be able to reproduce them in conversation
  7. Be exposed to various Englishes: Australian, British and American
  8. Uncover the implicit meaning of utterances


It comprises

  • A Resource book for teachers (teacher’s book)
  • A workbook for students (student’s book)
  • A DVD which includes a model lesson and 9 conversations
  • A CD with listening activities (intonation, sentence stress, etc.)


It provides:

  • Answers to all the exercises (you don’t have to be a conversation analyst to teach this course!)
  • Additional activities
  • Transcript of all the conversations with the prosodic and paralinguilistic features indicated when relevant
  • Explanation of the transcription conventions
  • Index to the topics found in the filmed interactions and the student practice sections
  • Glossary of all the technical terms
  • Further readings
  • Bibliography


It provides:

  1. A wide variety of activities  (role-play, simulation, telling anecdotes about their language experiences, commenting, listening, etc.) to explore a range of topics and to give students ample opportunities to practise their spoken English. Care has been given to ensure that there is minimal writing involved (e.g. ticking boxes)
  2. Transcript of all the conversations with the prosodic and paralinguistic features indicated when relevant
  3. A student evaluation to assess students’ progress and understanding at the end of the course
  4. A stimulating context for exploring language in use by using multimedia and lively interactions with various interactants
  5. An explanation of the idioms used in any particular conversation and a cultural note when relevant

The student workbook deals with a wide range of topics designed to assist students to become effective conversationalists and communicators in their second/foreign language.

Major Teaching Topics Include:

  • Differentiating between institutional talk and casual conversation
  • Using your voice: recognition/reproduction of intonation contours and sentence stress
  • Keeping a conversation going by using response questions, tag questions, and tag response questions
  • Predicting what comes next in the turn. This requires an understanding of grammar, intonation and pragmatics
  • Making small talk which has a crucial social role in spoken interactions
  • Listener’s role and giving feedback
  • Politeness and registers
  • Starting and closing a conversation depending on the contexts and interactants
  • Body language
  • Clarifying misunderstandings or mishearing (repairs)
  • Socially appropriate topics to avoid students making an embarrassing faux pas
  • Changing and closing a topic
  • Negotiating to come to an agreement
  • The uses and meanings of silence in conversation
  • Predicting an upcoming interactional problem



  • Conversation 1: At the bar
  • Conversation 2: At the bar – talking with a regular customer
  • Conversation 3: At the doctor’s – talking about a real road accident (expressing sympathy, humour, small talk)
  • Conversation 4: Paying a compliment, complaining, introducing someone
  • Conversation 5: At a teaching institution – making a request, humour, granting the request
  • Conversation 6: At a teaching institution – making a request, refusing it and negotiating
  • Conversation 7:  At a teaching institution: Small talk about the weather – making a request, delaying granting the request through questioning, clarification
  • Conversation 8: Invitation (humour), negotiating time and arrangements, leave-taking
  • Conversation 9 (parts 1 & 2): Part 1 is a repeat of conversation 7, and part 2 is a continuation of conversation 7: talking about the week-end, disclosing problems, pregnancy, exchanging news, taking leave

You can use these conversations to teach a range of speech acts and sociocultural norms of interactions.


If you’re still interested in getting BEYOND TALK you can FREELY access both the student’s and teacher’s books, plus the audio and video files only a click away. Simply scroll down and click on the blue hyperlink to get the books.

Beyond Talk

To get the FREE DVD and CD simply send me an email me at the address below and I’ll send you the links to the audio & video files


For privacy reasons, I cannot put a direct link to the video file and audio files. So please contact me at the address  below if you want me to send you the links to access the  CD and the DVD  on a file-sharing website, or if you have any comments or queries:

For each book, click on the blue link below:

Beyond Talk – Teacher’s Book:

Beyond Talk – Teacher’s Book

NB There is an error regarding the subtitle in the cover page where the words “of English” after learners have been omitted, thus it should read: Beyond Talk: A course in communication and conversation for intermediate adult learners of English.

You’ll find that an error occurred during the scanning of the teacher’s book and p. 78 did not come out properly so a new copy of the entire analysis of conversation 7 has been reproduced at the end of the book. Also some pages appear as missing when they are not, in fact these were blank pages at the end of a unit and they have been excluded.

Beyond Talk – Student’s Book:

Beyond Talk Student’s book

NB There is an error regarding the subtitle in the cover page where the words “of English” after learners have been omitted, thus it should read: Beyond Talk: A course in communication and conversation for intermediate adult learners of English.

Some pages appear as missing, in fact these were blank pages at the end of a unit and they have been excluded.












He, W., Agnes. (2004). CA for SLA: Arguments from the Chinese language classroom. The Modern Language Journal, 88(iv), 568-582.

Huth, T., & Taleghani-Nikazm, C. (2006). How can insights from conversation analysis be directly applied to teaching L2 pragmatics? Language Teaching Research, 10(1), 53-79.

Kasper, G. (2006). Beyond repair: Conversation Analysis as an approach to SLA. AILA Review, 19, 83-99.

You can view students’ comments  in a separate page “My Profile and Students’ Comments” taken from a range of students’ language abilities.

For further information on Beyond Talk: You can consult the page on “Teaching  conversation to adult learners of English using Conversation Analysis and Pragmatics” which is based on a conference paper below and is more academic:

A new approach to teaching conversation: An exploration of two theories, their application and results. Paper presented at the 22nd Annual Conference of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia, Toowoomba, Australia,  2 October 1997.

You can also click on the links below to download relevant papers (written for teachers) that will help you to better understand this teaching approach:

Barraja-Rohan. 1997. Teaching Conversation. ELICOS proceedings

Barraja-Rohan. 2000. Teaching conversation and sociocultural norms with CA

The article below (2003) explains in a different way what’s involved in an interaction (body language, etc.) in plain English with concrete real-life examples and practical ideas for teaching:

Barraja-Rohan. 2003. How can we make Australian English meaningful to ESL1 learners?

Below the very popular 2011 article illustrates how conversation analysis in the EAL/EFL classroom has been applied and it shows students’ remarkable progress in conversational English (lower and upper intermediate levels) with concrete examples taken from students’ free conversations (not role-plays!):

Barraja-Rohan. 2011. Using conversation analysis in the second language classroom to teach interactional competence. You can access this article and more recent ones on the following website:



On Conversation Analysis (Conversation Analysis  is commonly referred to by its initials CA):

Prof. Jean Wong has been working on CA and ESL for years:

She has also co-authored the book on teaching ESL/EFL teachers how to use Conversation Analysis in the classroom, with numerous examples (highly recommended):

Wong, J., & Waring, H.Z. (2010). Conversation analysis and second language pedagogy, New York: Routledge. (see for book talk)

A useful link to understand the link between CA and Second/Foreign language users/learners by Rod Gardner & Johannes Wagner (2004) Second Language Conversations, (Introduction):

The following link is a tutorial to introduce CA to novices:

British accent:

American accent:

A very useful bibliography (not just English articles but other languages)  on crosscultural communication studies which include L2  teaching, L2 interactions, etc.:




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©Anne-Marie Barraja-Rohan and “Teaching ESL or EFL with CA”, 1997 to present. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Anne-Marie Barraja-Rohan and “Teaching ESL or EFL with CA” with appropriate and specific direction to the original content

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  1. Hello A.M. Barraja-Rohan,
    I’m would like to get your CD and DVD of “Beyond talking” as it sounds very interesting and I want to prepare to teach conversation and don’t know very well how to do. I would be peased to receive any information from you to my e-mail.
    ÇBest regards

    • Hi Martina,
      Thanks for your interest, I’ve sent you an email as requested.

  2. Hello A.M. Barraja-Rohan,

    I’m very interested in teaching conversational english. Therefore, I would like to get your CD and DVD of “Beyond talking”; because, given the description in your blog, i think the methodology you propose could be very useful.

    Thank you in advance for all the help you can provide.

    Miguel Angel

    Miguel Angel
    • Hi Miguel,
      Thanks for your interest in my work. I’d be very happy to oblige so I’ve sent you an email to get your postal address. Please respond to my email.
      Warm regards,

  3. Hi!
    Thank you so much for this resource.
    I’m a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine. Would you be willing to send a CD or DVD to an international address? I understand if you can’t, but I thought it was worth checking. Otherwise, just the book itself is going to be very useful! Thank you again.

    Alia Scheirman
    • Hi Alia,
      Thank you for your interest. It’s not a problem to send you the DVD and CD. I’ve replied to your email address. Best, Anne-Marie

  4. Hello A.M. Barraja- Rohan,

    I am a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English in Ukraine. I would really like a copy of the DVD and CD, I think that it would be really helpful during my lessons and when I do my community English Club. Thank You.

    -Jacob Rodriguez

    Jacob Rodriguez
  5. Hi,
    I would appreciate it if you could send me your CD and DVD. The material is very interesting.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hello A.M. Barraja-Rohan,
    I really appreciate your priceless effort and I’d like to receieve your C.D.
    Thanks in advance..

    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks for your appreciation! I’m glad there’s an interest for it out there. It took me 3 years to research, develop, design and write these materials so at least all the hard work that I put in initially is not wasted. I’ll also reply to your email address. Anne-marie

  7. Is there any way to download the DVD or CD from the Internet or file-sharing site?

    • Hi John,
      If you could tell me how I could enable those features I’ll be happy to give it a go? Sure it would be a lot simpler for me. As it turns out I actually pay out of pocket for postage. Anne-Marie

      • Hello,

        I’ve just read this message and it is a great idea to put this CD/DVD online. You can do so on web pages like this:

        Just become a member (for free) and you can upload up to 200Gb of files there. Then you can share a link with us, so everyone can download the files.

        Kind regards,


      • Thanks Tea, I’m working on this now so it’s going to happen soon. Anne-Marie

      • Thanks for the tip, will look at it. Hopefully by the end of next week I should have the audio and movie files online. Anne-Marie

    • John, it is now possible to download the DVD and CD via a file-sharing site. I’ve sent you the links to your email address.

  8. Hello A.M. Barraja-Rohan,

    Your book looks great and interesting!!! I’m would like to get your CD and DVD of “Beyond talking” and I want to prepare to teach conversation, this is very important when learning a new language.

    I would be pleased to receive any information from you through my e-mail.

    Have a nice day

    Patrisha McFarlane
    • Hi Patrisha,
      Thank you for your interest. I’ve replied to your email address. Best, Anne-Marie

  9. Dear Author,
    I would also like to get audio and video files to accompany a book, and as far as I understand, it is simpler (and cheaper) for you to share them via the Internet. Would you please reply me to my email address and perhaps we can somehow find a way how to share the files in that way.

    Best regards,

    teacher of English from Estonia

  10. I would like to receive the audio and video files as well. Your book sounds really interesting and practical. I hope it is going to be fruitful and effective in my teaching experience.

    Many thanks for your contribution to the world of teaching.

    Best regards from Albania,

    Hello A.M. Barraja-Rohan,
    • Thank you too Laureta for your lovely comment. I will respond to your email address. The CD and DVD are now available as file-sharing so I’ll send you the link. Finally getting there! Anne-Marie

  11. Hi,
    The idea of using”Beyond talking” methodology for the development of speaking skills in the class sounds really interesting.
    I would appreciate it if you could send me your CD and DVD. I would also like to have their files.
    Thank you for helping the teachers of English to grow professionally.
    Kind regards,

  12. I’ve downloaded Beyond Talk pdfs and I’m also interested in the CDs and DVDs. I’ve sent an e-mail but I haven’t received an answer yet. After having read the first pages of your book I believe it’s great material for teaching conversational English and yes, quite unique too.

    Antonia Romanou
  13. Dear A.M. Barraja-Rohan,

    “Beyond Talking” really addresses all the critical needs for my adult TESOL classes in Taiwan. I am excited about using the materials to help my students with their L2 interactional and intercultural competence so they can become effective communicators with English outside of the classroom.

    I would really appreciate getting access to the CD and DVD for “Beyond Talking.”

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful teaching/learning resource!

    Best Regards,
    Miao Chuang
    Taipei, Taiwan

  14. Dear Anne-Marie Barraja-Rohan,

    It’s very kind of you to share the fruits of you labor. Please send me the link to the fileshare site where I can get the CD and DVD of “Beyond talking”; I believe that I will find this very helpful.

    Thank you,
    Martin Cooper

    Martin Cooper
  15. I found this book very interesting. I would like to have the CD and the DVD as well. Thank you for providing us with this great book.

    Best regards,

  16. I would also like to get updated with all your teaching materials.

    Thank you again.

  17. Dear Anne-Marie

    A big thank you for creating such a wonderful book that we needed so badly . I have always felt there was something missing from other books
    and now you named it !

    I also thank you for the opportunity to share the link for dwnloading the both CD and DVD for Beyond Talking.

    Best regards,

    • Thanks Maria for your encouraging comments. I’m glad you’re finding the materials useful. Anne-Marie

  18. Hi Anne-Marie:
    I would love to be able to have a look at the CD and DVD to pass on to my student helpers and to a friend who will be volunteering overseas in a refugee camp in Malawi and needs ESL resources. Would you be able to send me the online site?
    thanks so much in advance for this,

    Dorothy van Grootheest
  19. Dear Anne – Marie,
    wow, what an amazing book! I was hoping I’d find something like that. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been struggling with spoken English for quite a while and and this material looks like so smart and coherent, knowing exactly where it wants students to get to. I would be also interested in both CD and DVD for Beyond Talking. If it’s not too much trouble for you could you share a link with me where I could download it?
    Kind regards.

  20. Hi
    I tried to email you but am not sure it worked. I work with ESL children and would love a copy of book, cd, and dvd for Beyond Conversation.

    Shelley Terpstra

    shelley terpstra
    • Hi shelley,
      The book is available on the page “Information on Beyond Talk” as a downloadable pdf file. However the material has been designed for adult students and I wouldn’t recommend it for children. Please have a look at the book first and if your children are older teenagers then contact me through email or on this blog. Anne-Marie

  21. Hello Anne-Marie,

    I just took a look at the pdf file of the book and it looks wonderful. Could you please send me the link for the file sharing site where I can find the audio and video? Thanks!

    Kinds Regards,


  22. Hi Anne-Marie,

    Thank you for sharing the great books. I would also be interested in the CD and DVD. I wonder if you could also share with me the link to download both the CD and DVD?

    Best Regards,

    Yohan Pahlevi
  23. Dear Anne-Marie,

    You are so generous to make these resources available to other teachers. Please send me the link for the DVD and CD. I’m looking forward to using them.


    Nancy Hepworth
  24. Hello Anne-Marie,
    COngratulations on your work and thank you for sharing it – it is just what I;ve been looking for. Could you please send me the link to access the audio and video?

    Many thanks!

  25. Hi Anne – Marie,

    I’m supposed to be teaching a conversation class this June, and was just wishing for materials to use which have a pragmatic focus. What a great surprise to find your book and materials! I’d love to have the cd and dvd and whatever else I need to implement your curriculum in my class.
    Thanks so much,
    Dina Wilson

  26. Dear Anne-Marie,

    I’m so glad that I have found this website. I teach adults and your work would be very useful. Could you send me the link to the audio and video files?

    Many thanks for your great work and I wish you all the best!

    Annamaria Fekete
  27. Hi Anne-Marie,

    I’m teaching in Baku, Azerbaijan and would love to use your materials in my high-intermediate conversation class. I have lots of appreciation for your curriculum development efforts. I’ve downloaded all of the texts and audio files but need the link to the video file. Please send the link to me at.

    Thank You!

    • Thanks Pat for your lovely and encouraging comment. I do hope that one day I’ll be able to develop materials for more advanced students.

  28. Hi Anne-Marie,

    Thank you for sharing your work. I believe this will be helpful in my teaching. I’ve downloaded the pdf files you have provided. Please send me the link for the video file. Thanks.


    • Thanks Audrey for your interest, you’ll find that I’ve responded to your request via email.
      Enjoy your teaching!

  29. Dear Anne-Marie,

    Thank you so much for providing the free download links above….Both the ‘Student’s Book’ and ‘Teacher’s Book’ look extremely interesting and useful.

    Unfortunately, I am having difficulty downloading the audio files using the the links provided above. When I click on these links, I am directed to the ‘dropbox’ website and given an ‘Error 404’ message. It appears as if the files are no longer available via this website.

    Could you please advise me of an alternative method for downloading these audio files?

    Kind regards,

  30. Dear Anne Marie
    I have already downloaded the teacher’s and student’s book and it is just what I need for a couple of adults I am about to start teaching. how could I get the audio and video files?
    thank you in advance

  31. Hi Anne-Marie!

    I am a student teacher in Sweden and I´m going to be a teacher in Swedish as a second language. I will write my forthcoming essay about authentic and constructed dialogues (both oral and written) in teaching materials. Hence, I would be really glad if you could send me an e-mail with the CD- and DVD-files. The reason I would like to get access to your material is that it seems very well thought through, interesting and controversial and also that I haven´t found any other teaching material that contain transcripts of natural occurring conversations as well as audio- and videotapes of the same conversations.

    Best regards


  32. Dear Anne Marie,

    Your book seems great and highly interesting. I would love to get your CD and DVD of “Beyond talking” and to prepare for my beginning conversation classes. I’ve been struggling for some time and I think this is one of the best solutions so far. Thank you so much for sharing it to us.
    I look forward to seeing or reading your response.

    Warm regards,

  33. Dear Anne-Marie
    This is Mira Kakkar from Calcutta, India. I have been given the task of teaching spoken English by a not-for-profit organization to young adults who come from economically challenged and socially deprived backgrounds – but are ambitious to improve their lives. I am keen to help them. Your book as well as your audio and video files sound exciting and just the tools needed. Would be grateful for your help and for the links to your material.
    I am impressed by your generosity, but I understand it as well. You’ll know why once you’ve been through our website.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Mira Kakkar
    Thoughtshop Foundation

    • Dear Mira,
      Thank you for your kind comments. I’d only be too happy to help. I have sent you an email with the links to the audio and video files.

  34. Dear Anne-Marie,
    I would be grateful if you sent me the DVD or The CD so that I can use them in the classroom with my students. The students’ book is not enough. I’ve tried teaching with printed material, but it has proved to be boring and not motivating. The introduction of sound and picture to the lesson always brings liveliness and fun. Thank you for sharing your material and ideas with us. Sharing is caring as you know.
    With best regards

  35. Hi would like to receive the cd or dvd, for my classes thanks a lot

    Gladys Rodriguez-Guevara
  36. Hi. Please could you send me an e mail link for your cd and dvd’s for use with my Adults conversation class.
    Many thanks.

  37. Hi,

    I have sent you an e-mail regarding the DVD and CD. Could you please send me the DVD and CD accompanying the book? Thank you very much!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your interest in Beyond Talk. I’ve sent you the links.
      All the best,

    • Hi,
      I wrote to ask for information but have not heard from Anne-Marie, I would also like to have the link to the materials. Would you please share them with me? my email address is

      • Hello Jack,
        I’ve now sent you the links. My most sincere apologies for the delay, I was away with little internet access.
        Kind regards,

  38. Hello,
    I’ve been an English teacher in Asia for almost 3 years, but I’m about to teach adult conversation classes for the first time. I found your page while trolling the internet for guidance, and your resources look great! Can you send me them to me? I notice the last comment was all the way back in September, so I’m hoping you’re still up and running!

    Thanks so much,

  39. Hi Anne- Marie,
    Thank you for sharing the information on teaching conversation analysis to ESL/EFL students. I found my students are still lacking in mastering spoken interaction skills. If you don’t mind, could I have the access to the materials please? I have sent you an e-mail requesting that.
    Thank you.

  40. hello i’m Bisman
    i’m an engllish teacher, i’m really happy if you are wiling to send me the cd or dvd to help me to teach my class particular in speaking

  41. Hello Professor Anne-Marie Barraja-Rohan

    I received a warning message about the materials quality. Don’t worry for that, I think the main content is what really counts!
    Thanks again for sharing this excellent work!
    Best regards.

    Raquel M. Guardia L.
  42. Hi Anne Marie – this is great work that you’ve done! Is it still possible to get links to the dvd & cd?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks for your lovely comment! It makes it worth it making Beyond Talk accessible to everyone. I’ve sent you an email with the links.

  43. Hello…
    I very interested with your site…
    could you send the CD or DVD’s Book, because I need to improve my English.

    Thanks alot

  44. Hello I am interested in your teaching approach I would like to get your CD and DVD of beyond talking. Thank you very much.

  45. Dear Anne-Marie,

    I’m currently helping foreign students of low-intermediate level English, and I think that the book will be great to help them get used to real-life talk.

    I would appreciate it a lot if you would provide me the links to the audio cd/dvd.

    Thank you for sharing such a great book!

    Kind regards,


    • Dear Alex,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment! This gives me a good reason to make it available for free.
      I’ve sent you an email with the link.
      Kind regards,

  46. I am very interested in these materials. I teach military spouses and need anything that can develop their skills.

    • Thanks Sharon for your interest. I’ve sent you the link by email.
      Kind regards,

  47. Amazing thanks for sharing. I would appreciate it if you could send me the links. I’m living abroad and this would really help my students. Cheers mate

  48. Dear Anne Marie,
    I have downloaded your books. If I could have the links to the audio and video too, please. Thanks a lot. I will be using these to teach.

    Uma Sankaran
    • Hello Uma,
      Thanks for your interest. I’ve sent you an email with the links.

  49. Dear Anne-Marie
    I Think I can use them in my EFL classes to improve my students’ interactional competence. Would you please share the link to the audio and video?

    Milad Ramazani
    • Hi Milad,
      Thanks for your interest. I’ve sent you the links.

  50. Dear Anne Marie,
    I really appreciate the resource you have introduced in your website. It was really helpful since I was confused about finding the most relevant document for teaching conversation and beyond talk is the best . Can I kindly ask you to send me the link to download DVD and CD of the book as well

    • Hi Soheila,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I’ve sent you the links now.
      Kind regards,

  51. plz send me CD and DVD for “Beyond Talking.”

  52. Dear Anne-Marie,

    I am planning to study the way of using appropriate English in Australia. I think the resources that I found from this webpage would be very helpful. If you could send me the link to the DVD and CDs of the book, it would be great pleasure for me to improve English skills.
    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Judy,
      Thanks for your interest. I’ve just sent you the links. Hope you’ll find it useful.
      All the best,

  53. Hi Anne-Marie,
    I would love to use your materials in my class as they look fantastic. If you could send me the link for the DVD that would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks for your kind comment.
      I’ve sent you an email with the link.
      All the best,

  54. Dear Anne-Marie,

    I would like to express my thanks for an excellent conversation book you uploaded for us. I would also like to use the materials in my English teaching classes and it would be very helpful if I have its audio and video files. If you don’t mind could you please send me the link for the files? Thank you.

    Best regards,


    • Dear Andi,
      Thanks for your kind comment. I’ve emailed you the links.

  55. Dear Anne-Marie,

    I would like to express many thanks for the book you provided for us. If you don’t mind could you please send me the book’s CD/DVD links. Thank you

    Best regards,


  56. Hi,

    I came across your website and looked through your books. It seems very interesting. Could you please send me the DVD video links?

    Thank in advance,


    • Thanks Ahmed for your interest and kind comment. You know it’s people like you that makes it worthwhile putting it out there.
      I’ve sent you the links by email.
      All the best,

    • Hi Ahmed,
      I have sent an email to ESLandCAteaching asking for the links but I have to wait for so long. I really need the links right now since I have to use it as a supplement in teaching English for communication.
      Could you please send me the links that ESLandCAteaching sent you before? My email address is
      Please help me.
      Thank you so much

      • Hi,
        I sent you the links a few times but every time there’s a different name and email so this is really confusing. I’ve now sent you another email with the links. Next time email me directly at this address indicated on the blog as it’s more efficient:

        Kind regards

  57. Not sure if the first comment came through but please send me the video links,

    thanks again for your contributions to this field of giving lessons in social dynamics to non-native english speakers.

  58. Hi,
    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful guides. I am starting to teach ESL and found your information vey useful. I would like to request for your audio/video links on Beyond Talking as i think it’s really useful. Hope to hear from you soon.


  59. Hello,
    I came across your website and looked through your books. I love it. I have sent you an email kindly asking for the links of DVD and CD.
    Look forward to your reply.
    Thank you,

  60. Hello,
    I have sent you an email kindly asking for the CD and DVD links of the book. My email address is
    Could you please send me the links of the CD and DVD of this book asap?
    Looking forward to your reply,
    Thanks in advance,

  61. It is an excellent conversation book. I hope to improve my spoken english by listen to the conversation.Could you send me the CD or DVD’s Book?thanks!

    • Thanks Ying You,
      I’ve emailed you the link to download the CD and DVD.
      All the best with your learning and keep me updated. I’d love to know how you go.

  62. Hi Anne-Marie,
    I am teaching older students in Thailand conversational English and your materials look amazing. Could you please send me links to your CD and DVD?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment, much appreciated🙂
      I’ve sent you an email with the link.

  63. Hello, I´m from Argentina and I´m an english teacher. I run an English Institute and I found your book really interesting. As Im teaching conversational English I would like to have this material. Can you send me the CD and DVD links? I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks a lot!!!
    Carolina Linares

    Carolina Linares
    • Hi Carolina,

      Thanks for your comment🙂
      I’ve sent you an email and shared with you the file.

  64. Hello,
    Thank you for releasing this wonderful information. Could you please tell me how I can get the companion DVD and CD?

    • Hi Don,
      Thanks for your comment. I’ve sent you the links so let me know if you have any issues.

  65. hello can you send me the links to the cds and dvds? thank you!

  66. Hello,

    Thank you very much for sharing this useful information. Could you please send me the link of the CD and DVD?

    Thank you very much!



    • Hi Tuan,
      Thanks for your comment 😊
      I’ve sent you a couple of emails with the links.
      All the best,

  67. Hello, i’ve found your material very interesting. would you send me the cds and dvds links? i’m up to start teaching some adults english conversation. thanks

    antonella cacchiarelli
    • Hi Antonella,
      Thanks for your interest in Beyond Talk and your kind comment. I’ve sent you the links by email.
      Kind regards,

  68. Hello,

    Please may you send me a DVD and CD to the following e-mail address. I appreciate it.

    Karen Kadzura
    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks for your interest in Beyond Talk. You’ll find the links in your inbox.
      Kind regards,

  69. Hi Anne-Marie! Im using this multimidia course for teaching conversation and I would like to have access to video and audio files since it is very useful!
    Thanks for your hard work!

  70. Hello Anne-Marie,
    What a wonderful system of conversational English you have created. I would greatly appreciate your links to the audio CD and DVD. I am a new private ESL teacher in Poland, and I am sure that I will make great use of your methodology.
    Many thanks,

    Philip John Waterhouse
    • Thanks Philip for your positive and encouraging comment! I’ve emailed you the links.

  71. Thank you for sharing this great book! Could you send me the CD and DVD liks? Kind regards Karolina

    Karolina Rozanska
    • You’re welcome! I’ve emailed you the links. Hope you’ll enjoy the teaching.

  72. Hello, you’ve prepared a great course. I’m really interested in the DVDs or Cds. I’ll appreciate if you send them to my email.
    Best, Diliana

    • You’re welcome Diliana. You should have received the links by now.
      All the best,


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